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Stress free MRI Scanning Becomes Possible With New Technological Update

Upright MRI of Deerfield provides the very latest in innovative MRI technology with their upgraded, state-of-the-art Upright MRI Scanner. The scanner tops the traditional method of MRI scanning by balancing the weight of the patients naturally so that issues in muscle tension and pain indicators are highlighted on the very first scan.

CEO of the company, Dr. Michael Fox stated, “We have built upon the previous models of upright MRI scanners to provide more detailed coding and magnets which make the technology more intelligent and able to diagnose problems faster with less stress placed on the patient.”

The Development Of MRI Scanners

Traditionally, MRI scanners are thought of as tubes, which the patient lays down in order to be scanned. However, these models caused issues. The way that the patient was positioned meant that the strain and stress on muscles and ligaments in the shoulders and neck weren’t as visible, as the weight of the patient was in an unnatural position.

The Upright Weight Bearing MRI Scanner allows for patients to sit upright, so their back, shoulders and neck are positioned more naturally and display the same tension as they would when moving around. This makes a diagnosis much easier, as the problem areas are immediately highlighted.

Improving The Patient Experience

It’s not just the diagnosis that the Upright MRI Scanners help out with. Many people feel stress or anxiety when attending an MRI appointment. It’s also difficult for some patients if they’re elderly or disabled to physically get onto a table for a traditional scan.

The new and improved upright scanner allows patients to sit in a chair as they would normally, with the scanning technology going on around them.

This reduces the stress and anxiety caused by claustrophobia and gives the patient back some of their control, making them feel more at ease.

Because of the chair’s adjustability, it works for anyone too, so there’s no need to be worried if the upright scanner will be able to fit around or reach specific people.

The New Era of Diagnosis

Upright MRI Scanners are leading the way in speedy diagnoses, especially for some specific ailments which are ligament related.

Cranio-cervical Joint Instability

CCJ occurs with the ligaments in the neck lose their strength or become stretchy. This means that the head isn’t as well supported on the neck as it should be. This issue could be caused by an accident or trauma or may be congenital, just like cases of Ehler-Danlos Syndrome.

Chiari Malformation

CM is the problem where the spinal canal becomes attached to certain parts of the brain (cerebellum) through a hole in the back of the skull. This can lead from mild to severe symptoms and can get worse over time, eventually leading to a lack of movement in the neck and shoulders if not diagnosed early.

Because both of these problems are diagnosed depending on the tensions in the neck, it’s essential that the patient feels at ease in their appointment and adopts a natural position to display the areas that are causing the pain and discomfort. The Upright MRI Scanner fits the bill perfectly.

Thousands of patients are diagnosed with these issues every year and thanks to the upgraded Upright MRI Scanner of Deerfield, these diagnoses can come around a lot faster to speed up the treatment and recovery process.

Upright MRI of Deerfield

If you’re interested in how an Upright MRI Scanner can benefit your clinic or medical facility, contact Upright MRI of Deerfield or call them at 847-291-9321 for more information on how you can use their services or for information about how they can assist you further.

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