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Is Debt Refinancing The Same As A Renegotiation?

Is Debt Refinancing The Same As A Renegotiation

1st Eagle Mortgages are a mortgage provider based in the Northfield, Illinois raise the topic of refinancing. A lot of people look for a refinance loan to remodel home or garden areas of their property to increase its value or simply to raise the appeal of the property for their own pleasure.

1st Eagle Mortgages said that “Some people get confused with debt refinancing, thinking it is the same as a renegotiation, but there is a difference. Refinancing is carried out without being in default of instalments and basically consists of requesting credit with better conditions to pay off the original loan. On the other hand, renegotiation is done when you already owe one or more instalments, and you want to work out an agreement with the lender”.

1st Eagle Mortgages have provided the following advice regarding debt refinancing: –

Considerations before doing a debt refinancing

In summary then, refinancing has to do with requesting a new loan, either in the same bank or another, preferably, to pay off the part that you still have to pay for a consumer loan.

The main objective is to obtain a better interest rate, although in some cases it may be to reduce the instalment even if you end up paying more. These are decisions that each person makes at the time of doing so, however, at Eagle 1st Mortgages, we consider that there are instances that are better than others to refinance debt.

A good time to consider debt refinancing is when interest rates drop. Thus, you can reduce your monthly instalments or reduce the term of the credit, maintaining payments similar to those of the original credit.

What you will have to take into account before refinancing is:

  • New interest rate.
  • Monthly fees.
  • Credit term.
  • Total cost to refinance.

New Interest Rate

When you think about refinancing you have to get a consumer loan with a lower interest rate than the original. In addition, you will have to compensate for the expenses for prepaying the other credit and for taking out this new loan.

Monthly Fees

They may offer you a cheaper monthly payment than the current one. There you will have to see if the credit is cheaper or if the rate is higher and even if you pay less monthly, in the end you will have returned more money than in the original credit.

Credit Term

The new credit should be for the same period of time as the previous one or less. This way you will avoid a greater number of payments and interest. If you consider paying instalments for more years, the monthly payment should be lower.

Total Cost To Refinance

It is important that you compare the CTC or Total Cost of Credit to really know if you will be paying less with the new loan.

Debt Renegotiation

Renegotiating a debt means establishing new payment conditions so that you can comply with the payment of the credit in terms other than those agreed at the beginning; it is a matter of agreeing once again on the form and conditions in which the credit will be paid.

Knowing the differences will make it easier for you to choose an option in case you find yourself in a situation. To avoid having to renegotiate it is important that before requesting a consumer credit you do all the necessary accounts and that you choose the most appropriate option for you, making sure you can pay the monthly instalments.

For more information about 1st Eagle Mortgages, visit their website: 1steaglemortgage.com

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