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Corpus Occultatum Hosting Crypto Art Sale on Rarible in NFT Space

Art seeks to find meaning in darkness and a way to the light

Corpus Occultatum today announced that it is launching an art sale on Rarible.com, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space. The Ethereum art being presented includes two unique pieces, offered at a discounted price. The artworks available are Et in Arcadia Evanescet in Tenebris and Et in Arcadia Evanescet in Lux.

According to a spokesperson for Corpus Occultatum, the crypto artworks currently on sale seek to find meaning in death and darkness while seeking a way to the light. He commented, “One night is awaiting us all. The fear of the night, the fear of the dark, the fear of falling asleep, the fear of having nightmares, the fear of not waking up, so many fears that can arise as the day turns into the night, as the light turns into darkness. There is only one certainty: death, and we only have one desire: happiness to precisely escape this certainty. And everything else is just darkness.”

He added, “What is to be done when confronted to so much fear and torment? When suspended in the midst of such despair and apprehension? Do we languish in our misery or do try and find a way to the light, however difficult? How can we console ourselves from the absurd silence of external things in a time of constant affliction? We strive to find a way to the light through our work by confronting and contemplating the harrowing abyss that men prefer to turn away from.”

NFTs are units of data on a blockchain digital ledger including unique digital items such as collectibles or artworks or game items. As an artist, tokenizing work both ensures that the item is unique and branded as the artist’s work. The actual ownership is blockchain-managed. The blockchain’s encryption makes each NFT impossible to reproduce without their owner’s permission. NFT is thus ideal for digital artworks and books.

NFT’s are thus valuable because they comprise rare digital artworks that verifiably scarce on the Ethereum blockchain. There is a diverse range of very talented artists currently releasing amazing work atop Ethereum. CryptoKitties were the first and best-known examples of NFTs. This game offers owners “virtual cats” that can be bought and sold, or even “breed” with one another, creating new cats with their own unique attributes.

Rarible is a software application and marketplace in the NFT Space that provides services for authors, artists, musicians, illustrators and other creators. An article in the Economic Times stated, “Just like sports collectibles, the market for NFTs is estimated to have grown to $100 million while opening up myriad possibilities for artists. This includes greater autonomy and a fair share of the value upside according to those aware of the dynamics of this buzzing marketplace.”

For more information and to view the crypto art for sale, visit rarible.com/coccultatum

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