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Business In The Frontline As Cyber Warfare Advances By Stealth

Cyber warfare has evolved into one of the key strategies used by international terrorists and countries such as China, Iran and North Korea to protect their nation-states from being attacked internally. In fact, China and Iran are actually working very hard to gain cyber-warfare capabilities against the United States of America and their often very friendly Western World allies. The Chinese leadership seems to always want to build their country at the fastest rate possible while Iran seems to be interested in cyber warfare as a way to get in line with their Russian counterparts while keeping a distance from the American diplomatic scene. While these tensions increase, it would behoove all businesses to learn how to successfully deal with this growing global problem.

With all the media coverage on this topic, it is easy to understand why so many companies are interested in using this aspect of cyber warfare to help them better protect their clients computers and their networks from hackers. In the past, companies were hesitant to use cyber security due to fears that they might open the information up to hackers who could then get access to much of the valuable intellectual property held within their business networks. Today, however, most business owners realize that it is no longer smart to ignore cyber attacks or else suffer major losses. Companies have learned through recent news stories that cyber attacks have cost them millions of dollars and even sometimes led to the cancellation of popular websites. These attacks are only going to continue to get worse as more industries discover the damage that they can cause. For this reason, every business should work closely with a qualified and experienced cyber security consultant who can help guide them through the many details of protecting their computer systems from cyber attacks.

There are many ways a company can become a victim of cyber warfare. Usually an attacker first looks for a network vulnerability and then begins sending out various types of malware to try and penetrate the security of the company’s computer systems. Once the malware has infected the system, the hacker typically stops there move once he or she learns of the flaw. However, it doesn’t take long before the hackers find what they are after and the attack starts all over again. Every time a company is hit by a cyber attack, the results are the same-the company is essentially offline until the cyber criminals decide it’s time to restart their operations.

While many companies think that they can protect themselves from cyber warfare on their own through a patch, patching software and other protective measures, the reality is that this isn’t always enough. Some types of cyber warfare are so sophisticated that the only way to truly defend a company from it’s attack is to go to war with it. When a company decides that it needs to go to war with a cyber attack, they first seek the assistance of a cyber warfare specialist or cyber warrior. This individual is trained in many different ways to combat different types of attacks. Once an attacker has been found, the company can expect a long and drawn-out battle for the control and possession of various computer systems. During this period, it may very well be the company that has cyber warriors that have the best and most up-to-date technology at their disposal.

Most of the time, it is the U.S. military that provides the cyber warriors for a company. The military is considered the number one employer of cyber warriors, due to the fact that their budgets are much larger than those of most other countries. The U.S. Cyber Command is also tasked with defending the United States from any cyber attack, so if a company chooses to hire one of these cyber-warriors, then they’re going to one of the best cyber warriors in the business, since they are trained in the same things that the military does. However, there is no sure-fire method to determine which company will be the winner of a cyber-war, since it really depends on what type of cyber warfare was used against the company.

The good news is that there are some cyber warfare companies that are constantly working on new ways to defend against new forms of cyber warfare. As more of these weapons are created, then companies will need to update their security systems accordingly. When you consider how costly it is to replace a computer system after a cyber warfare attack, then you’ll understand why updating is so important.

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